Suitable for 100 – 200 people

Dinner buffet
Suitable for 100 – 200 people

Party set-up
Suitable for 100 – 200 people


  • Suitable for 100 – 200 people
  • The area can easily be divided
  • Perfect for bigger meetings or parties

Willy van der Kuylen

The man with the devastating shot: Willy van der Kuylen. A beautiful space that is ideally suited for receptions. Enjoy a lavish bar and a stunning view of the field. A view that is guaranteed to impress!

The informal set-up has both seats and standing tables, and the space also has a coatroom and toilets.

Availability & information

Welcome to the home of PSV.
Since 1913, talent development, innovation, sportsmanship, sports, and craftsmanship have come together in this place. This is where people cheer, laugh, talk and celebrate. For a large part of the year, this also happens off the pitch. This stadium is used not only by PSV but also by many other parties – organisations, companies, and by you. I would like to hear what I can do for you and how we can make your meeting or event unforgettable.

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Business, tasty or festive

For every event with a business, tasty or festive character, a suitable room is available. It is also possible to combine different areas with each other and to vary this. Any desired arrangement is possible and we will prepare it for you.