Suitable for 200 – 250 people

Dinner buffet
Suitable for 200 – 250 people

Party set-up
Suitable for 200 – 250 people


  • Suitable for 200 – 250 people
  • The area can easily be divided
  • Perfect for bigger meetings

De Lounge | Intelectric – Dommel 18

Modern and exclusive are the characteristics which perfectly describe this space! Here you can celebrate a party that will be talked about for a long time to come.

This tastefully decorated space is the base of operations for the associates of Intelectric – Dommel 18 on match days. On other days, it’s the ultimate party location. With an inviting dance floor, a round bar, cosy seats, and a great view.

Availability & information

Business, tasty or festive

For every event with a business, tasty or festive character, a suitable room is available. It is also possible to combine different areas with each other and to vary this. Any desired arrangement is possible and we will prepare it for you.