Suitable for 35 – 175 people

Suitable for 35 – 175 people

Suitable for 35 – 175 people

Suitable for 35 – 175 people


  • Suitable for 35-175 people
  • The area can easily be divided
  • The perfect space for small (business) gatherings, meetings and it can be used as a break-out room during conferences

Sjef van Run

A real club man and loyal footballer: Sjef van Run. This room is buzzing with activity and energy during European competitions, and this is where the press centre is located. Here you’ll find a permanent bar, among other things. And, if you want to link the room to the Ronaldo room, then a space with a foyer and bar is created.

Availability & information

Business, tasty or festive

For every event with a business, tasty or festive character, a suitable room is available. It is also possible to combine different areas with each other and to vary this. Any desired arrangement is possible and we will prepare it for you.